Wierd window decoration behaviour

Hello everyone!
I just installed openSUSE 13.1 in my new laptop (Toshiba Satellite L50-B-12G). I am really happy with this release but, having noticed that Skype was missing from official repositories, I tried to install it from the unofficial package in https://software.opensuse.org/package/skype. I installed the YMP one click install from Nemton. Now I have Skype running flawlessly but I noticed a that my windows style was changed. I am not sure if my installation of Skype is really the cause of changing my windows appearance, but I noticed that the text, icons and spacings became similar to Skype’s UI. That’s pretty ugly, raw and bland.
I tried to restore to the defaults it was in vain. I even managed to change accidentally my icons and now I cannot even switch them back to openSUSE’s defaults.
How is it possible to restore the whole desktop appearence to openSUSE’s defaults?

Unfortunately I cannot print screen when I have my Application Launcher up to show you an example.
What should I do to restore my desktop?
Thank you

First off skype is proprietary and thus will never be default included in openSUSE

You also did not mention which desktop you are talking about? Instructions will be different depending.

Yes I totally forgot but I’m talking about KDE.
And yes I understand, I’m not arguing about Skype being proprietary. I just noticed my windows appearence changing after I installed Skype. Does this make sense? Maybe it is not related at all.

I did went to Desktop Themes, chosen all the configurations to openSUSE style but any of that reverted. In Window Decorations I picked the Oxygen theme. But in any case I couldn’t change the windows’ appearance.

I’m sorry which Windows appearance. If you are talking about Skype it does not play by the rules and renders like it wants to render. Nothing to do but complain to Microsoft. Good luck.

But I got the impression your other windows had changed, which of course should not happen since they do fallow the rules.

Yes, it is precisely the windows in my KDE desktop. I’m sorry if my description sound confusing but the point is precisely that, my whole window configurations in the KDE desktop changed. I just mentioned this Skype thing because it was precisely after I installed it that I noticed this change in my desktop, and my Application Launcher menu (and all KDE menus btw like the right mouse click menu) changed to a style similar to the Skype style.

As I said, maybe installing Skype has nothing to do with it, but if not I don’t really know what did because I didn’t touch any configuration since my installation.

Maybe you ticked a different Activity it can have totally different appearance.

No, they cannot.

I would suggest trying to remove ~/.config/Trolltech.conf, maybe this has been corrupted (by Skype maybe? :wink: ) and prevents the KDE configuration from working.

And you should be able to change the icons, styles and whatever in “Configure Desktop”.
To set back everything to the defaults, remove ~/.kde4/share/config/, but this should not be necessary.

PS: you can specify a delay in KSnapshot (the dialog that shows up when you press the “PrtScr” key). That should enable you to get a screenshot with the application launcher open.

I’m sorry for the delayed answer but I’ve not been around for the past days.
Actually I already updated my system to 13.2, so I cannot provide any more information to debug this. But before that I found out that in: Application Launcher -> Configure Desktop -> Application Appearance, and then the Widget Style in the Style tab did not display the Oxygen theme anymore (which is the default theme).

I already installed Skype from Nemton’s package in my openSUSE 13.2 and so far without problems. If anything like this occurs again I’ll update this thread.
Thank you for your help

P.S. wolfi thanks for the KSnapshot tip https://forums.opensuse.org/images/smiliesnew/wink.png