Wierd ALT key problem in KRDC


When I press ALT key in KRDC on remote Windows (10) computer, i.e. in Visual Studio, it seems to be properly recognized and menu items get one letter underlined and accessible for keyboard selection. But I don’t use this feature (and I’ve never heard or seen anyone using it). However, I do use block selection (sometimes called column selection), which is in supported programs in Windows triggered by pressing down an ALT key and then pressing left mouse button and moving cursor. However, this does not work via KRDC remote access, the ALT key combination with mouse button press is somehow not recognized. Obviously, it works when working locally in Windows on that computer. What it does is nothing, which is strange, because it is stopping even regular selection, which is happening without ALT key, if you press a mouse button and drag cursor.
So I think, that some KDE event get in a way and it stops KRDC from receiving mouse events at all. In KDE, when ALT is pressed and mouse is pressed and dragged, cursor changes into 4way and you can drag a window around. But in this case this is not happening with KRDC, if it is in fullscreen mode. Perhaps in fulscreen mode, the KDE ALT moving feature is activated (thus not passing event into the KRDC), but not executed (because it does not have sense for fullscreen mode).

I use block selection few times a day with coding and SQL, so it’s quite a problem. And as far as I know, it can’t be triggered in any other way…

I wonder if anyone experienced this problem and found a solution? I.e. I would be willing to sacrifice the “move window” feature completely, even though I use it sometimes.


OK, I found a workaround to the stolen ALT key. Simply, I first click (and hold mouse) and then press ALT and it then works, if you drag the cursor, you select a block.

Whereas in Windows, you can first press ALT key and then make a block selection, which I was used to.