Widnows 7 or KDE 4


I’ve recently found this video and just want to share it:

Is it Windows 7 or KDE 4?: Insight - Software - ZDNet Australia

Enjoy it :slight_smile:

That’s an old one. I remember posting a thread about this one quite some time ago. Nevertheless, funny how people have no clue and can’t distinguish the one from the other :smiley:

… which can be argued to be a good thing since regular consumers prefer similarities a lot more than some think and usually get scared of different looking environments, especially when it comes to computers. And of course, it can also be argued that different is better in some cases

Nice one, Thanks for sharing.

Hmm I must have overlooked it when you’ve posted this one. Anyway you can show the people a C64 and tell them that this is Windows 8 alpha I guess they would believe you too rotfl! :wink:

But it’s nice to know that people like KDE 4. This shows it must be not too bad and can compete against the the other Windows Desktop Environment. Yes we already knew it but this is a proofs that a bit more :smiley:

Have a lot of fun

I always find it interesting when there’s so many people who say that “Linux isn’t ready” for general use, then don’t even recognize it when they see it. At the local public radio station, they went entirely with Ubuntu, and only a few people even noticed any difference.