Widgets moving

Hi all!

I’m having problems with my widgets! (KDE4.2)

I get my desktop set out how I want, with the widget where I want them, but when I log out then back in, the widgets have moved themselves.

After a little more experimentation today I have managed to figure out that they are put back inside an imaginary (640X480?) box in the top left side of my desktop, with the sides and bottoms of the widgets lining up with the sides and bottom of this imaginary box.

The widgets will stay put as long as they are in this area when I log out.

Strange eh?

It seems as though, and please pardon my noobnes here, the wigets load up and are placed on a 640X480 desktop, and then the desktop is resized to my resolution on log-in, but the widgets positions do not stretch in relation to the bigger desktop size.

Sound plausible?

Anyone else suffer from this?


Oddly enough, I’ve now found that if I leave the Widget unlocked when I log out, they pop up in the right places when I log back in.


I don’t like leaving them unlocked tho as I don’t like seeing the little menu pop up every time I hover the mouse past them