widgets in KDE

Hi all,

I’m using the defualt KDE version as shipped in 11.2

I’m trying to stick widgets to ONLY the widget desktop and not my normal one.

I was assuming that this is possible, however when I enable the plasmoid desktop and add widgets to it, the widgets are there even after I get rid of the plasmoid desktop,

isn’t this supposed to work like the Mac OSX desktop?

am I doing something wrong?

I see none of the options you describe
‘Widget Desktop’
‘Plasmoid Desktop’

I see:
‘Default Desktop Containment’
‘Folder View’

Confusion may exist, in that there is a real physical location /home/username/Desktop
There would have been icons there by default

By default the view is: Default Desktop Containment but with a Folder View widget. Not to be confused with the ‘Folder View’ activity.

Confusing isn’t it and I’m only scratching the surface.