Widget with only the date in system tray or in the panel

as the digital clock in system tray shows date and time too small I would like to have two of them, one that shows the time e one the date in ISO format (custom like yyyy-MMM-dd-ddd) I cannot find the way to have this, how can I get this?
how to add a digital clock in the system tray?
how to shw only the date?
I can show only the time in the system tray but I cannot find a widget to show only the date in the panel, could you suggest one?
other solutions?

How about this?


Simply right click on the time/date applet → Configure digital clock

Show date → Always beside time

not bad but I would have date and time in different colors

Forum search…

manythanks, it worked very well :smiley:

it doesn’t works, when I have many opened windows the clock is hidden
is there any way to solve?

Add a spacer (margins seperator) to the left side of the date.

it doesn’t works, the date is shown only if I select fill free space on panel
but it makes the icons in the task manager very small

Right-Click somewhere on a free space in your task bar → Add widgets → Left click on “Margins Separator” and drag and drop it in between the date and small triangle shown in your screenshot…

And if the icons get to small: increase the hight of the taskbar. This will also increase the icons…

it does’nt works, and also the date become smaller

Your setup seems somehow broken. When i open several windows on Leap 15.5 until the taskbar is completely filled up, only the icons of the open apps get smaller (no grouping).
The system tray and the clock/date always stay at the same size and position.
So i would start with a fresh taskbar or user…