Widget not working opensuse 11.1 Default KDE

None of the widgets are working as expected. For example analogue clock widget is showing the time 12.00 and stationary. Dictionary widget does not return any results. Comic strip widget is not showing anything. Folder view widget showing an icon i can not resize it.
For testing I have downloaded few more widgets from INTERNET new widget as well not working

Except magic folder none of the widget is reporting error as well. When i added magic folder widget it displayed following error

This object could not be created for the following reasons
Could not create python script engine for the magic folder widget

It wouldn’t even let me install the magic folder widget.

Anyways, I’ll just stop replying to the other post since this is a new problem and you started a new thread like you should have. Good job :wink:

Here’s what I suggested from the other thread:

Try renaming your .kde folder to .kdeold.

This will create a new .kde folder and restart your computer. It will wipe out your settings related to kde, but if the broken functionality of your widgets is due to some type of kde configuration it will reset it and hopefully fix it.

I am having the same problem with the magic folder widget on a clean install. All other widgets are working properly, so I don’t think mine is a configuration problem. A similar error reported on the Ubuntu forums had people looking at the pyQt package(s). As soon as I can access the opensuse repositories (not sure if they’re down or if it’s my connection), I’ll reinstall/update that and post the results.

Thanks for the reply, I have booted through the DVD and and selected custome repair option. Selected only application. it detected the problem and repaired.
Thanks for the great software opensuse