Widget for Non-SuSe Apps in KDE 4.1.1?

Hi All,

Just got into KDE 4.1.1, and I know somewhat about the lack of “Icons” (or Widgets, now?) on the desktop. Anyhoo, I do like to play Quake 3 Arena from time to time, but is there a way to add a Widget for a non-SuSe application to the menus in KDE? When i upgraded from KDE 3.5.x this wasn’t a problem, as they were pulled forward to KDE 4.0.4. Now that I’ve done a clean install with KDE 4.1.1, I don’t see a way of creating widgets from icons, or even adding applications that aren’t added thru YAST. (like for Quake or BOINC)

Is there a way to manually create a widget on the desktop or in the menus for non-SUSE applications in KDE 4.1.1? Thanks in advance.

Mike Doerner

PS Other than this hiccup, I think KDE 4.1.1 is pretty slick…I’ll have to try compiz one of these days…