widescreen monitors

It does not seem like the SuSE developers have understood that wide screen monitors is the monitor standard of today. 90% of laptops ship with such resolutions (8:5 ratio monitors like 1440x900) and more than 50% of stationary systems also do, I believe.

It is almost 3 years ago that I posted this request first time. Instead SuSE developer team seems completely busy with contributing to the suicide of KDE (I am referring to the hopelessly inefficient and buggy KDE4, of course!). I hoped ever since 10.1 that this would be added, but I just checked that with the 11.2 ‘preview’ (or whatever the official name is) - and it is still not there.

Please support 1440*900 (and similar common proportional screen resolutions) ‘out of the box’ with the generic LCD monitor in SAXX and in the installation screen before 11.2 final! If not I am definitely off to Ubuntu of Fedora(where it works like a charm).

I would hate to drop SuSE, but both Ubuntu and Fedora seem to adopt to de facto hardware standards much better than SuSE!

I have openSUSE 10.3 and an HP w1907v. It is running on 1140x900. IIRC I did not do anything particular on the installation.

All depends on your videocard, I got up to at least 1680*1050 working out of the box on an ATI card no problem.

Just install your videocard drivers, not quite of the box but close enough and you can run any resolution the card/monitor support.
ATI - openSUSE

Running a dual monitor myself with 16801050 and 19201200, so it’s far from impossible, and I don’t think another distro would do much better (although ubuntu does prompt you to install your drivers as opposed to manually needing to enable a repository)