Wicked extremely fast, Network Manager very slow wireless speed.

[size=2]Opensuse leap last version here, I have both an ethernet card and a tplink network card (http://www.amazon.it/gp/product/B007GMPZ0A[FONT=arial]).

Network card recognized out of the box, very happy.

I have a 50 mb fiber line, ethernet gives me a constant reading of 48 mb speed.

Now, *with wicked enabled by yast, the tplink wireless card reaches for 32 mb speed: when switching to Network manager speed goes down to some half a megabit or less.
Since I need to switch easily between ethernet and wireless I need network manager in order to enable a control applet.

Is there a way to bring the speed of Network Manager up to normal?

I do not want to have to use complex methods to enable/disable wireless in order to switch to ethernet.


Hmm interesting problem. Can you provide “iwconfig” outputs when the connections is setup with wicked and NetworkManager ?
Can you provide 2 wireshark traces when it’s fast and slow ?