Wicked DHCP

Sometime in the recent past, control of DHCP was handed to Wickedd; dhcpd and dhcpd6 services are disabled. I do not recall being involved in this transition. DHCP4 addresses continue being leased so I did not notice the transition.

What brought it to my notice is the lease of an IPv6 address to my workstation. It is not the one I have assigned to it. I added some options to dhcpd6.conf that should have changed that; it did not. (I really do not understand all the IPv6 addresses that are given to each host.)

Although IPv4 addresses continue as expected, I am missing something about dhcp6 and IPv6.
Does wickedd-dhcp read the dhcp conf files?

host sma-station14l { 
  ddns-updates on; 
  fixed-address6 fd2f:4760:521f:3f3c::c0a8:4573; 
  fixed-prefix6  fd2f:4760:521f:3f3c::/64; 
  hardware ethernet 30:85:A9:AD:05:31; 
subnet6 fd2f:4760:521f:3f3c::/64 { 
    range6 fd2f:4760:521f:3f3c::c0a8:45c8 fd2f:4760:521f:3f3c::c0a8:45ef; 

Oops. The OS is not Tumbleweed; it is LEAP 15.3.

I think that change happened for openSUSE 13.2, or for Leap 42.1 at the latest. To me, that does not seem recent.

That may well be. I have made changes to dchpd.conf within the last year and they have been implemented. So I thought the dhcp demon was still active.

Nevertheless, why doesn’t updating dhcpd6.conf have same meritorious effect?