wicd connect to essid but no internet

Hello experts,

I had a wireless connection to open suse from last year. I then had a problem with my Netgear 824 router.
I have reconnected to windows vista. Now I have to get opensuse working on wireless.
I do not have much experience in opensuse
I have read the forums and the sticky and also from wicd forums.

I have checked the yast settings and it is for AR242x ath0 and Wired L2 100 eth0.

Opensuse version 11 ,2.6.25-1.1 default
Laptop ASus F5RL
Atheros AR242x
I have done the following:-

ip link set ath0 up
iwlist ath0 scan

iwconfig shows essid and access point

Wired connection via wicd is oK
**Now I can see wicd connecting to my essid at 85% but cannot get to the internet. **
Wicd has WPA-PSK and encryption password . Uses wext.
Pinging to any external site not possible.
What is wrong with this?


Hello ,
If wicd is not the way to go. Any other way where I can get my wireless working