wi-fi not working in openSUSE-13.1 , vmware

so i downloaded the KDE live cd images for openSUSE 13.1 from the site and decided to try it out before i actually went ahead and installed it . i installed it in vmware workstation 10 , as in create a new virtual machine->type:linux,name: OpenSUSE-64bit ,and yes it is a 64 bit binary … so on till i completed my installation,however my vm does not have access to my wifi , when i ping it says network unreachable , it does not show any interfaces either . Please note that my vmware adapters are fine as my other virtual machine with fedora has internet access . please suggest me a fix .

my host operating system is windows 8,only so as it came preinstalled in my computer and i cant seem to find the time to configure linux to boot via UEFI:(suggsetions welcome on that too)

Did you boot the system once?

There used to be a bug where the network does not function properly under some circumstances on the “first boot”, you might also want to go to YAST / Network Devices and see that the LAN adapter (which your VMware is using to emulate the network) is set to DHCP or that the network isn’t set to “Traditional” but to “NetworkManager”.

thank you Miuku , as suggested by you i changed the network setting to networkmanager , instead of traditional which was originally selected, my internet is now up .