Wi-Fi issues


I have a WAG354G Wi-Fi Linksys modem router and I am having trouble connecting my OpenSuse to the internet wirelessly. This is a big problem for me since I need the mobility. When I unplug the network cable, my OpenSuse system can’t even find the Wi-Fi network I use. I tried adding the network my self, but nothing happened…

My mobile and my other WinXP system, are online wirelessly, so it isn’t the modem.

Anybody heard or know anything about this?
Thanks in advance


Hi Spyros;

there is a separate wireless forum; the wireless experts seem very busy trying to help; they may not see your post on this forum;

most folks would recommend you post again; on the wireless forum;

and the wireless forum has a couple of “stickies” at the beginning of it; sounds like you are pretty knowledgable on the internet and computers, but you may be able to post some of the technical data the stickies talk of: that often seems to help the wireless experts get ahead with answering problems;

all best wishes

Thanks for the advice. I will check it out