Wi-Fi connection does not work after boot

I have a router working as an access point for Internet access. It is used by
sveral computers. Wi-Fi connection to Internet through this router does not
work after boot on openSUSE 11.4.

The cannection becomes established, shows IP address, access point MAC address,
the signal level is high. But Internet is unaccessible with traceroute returns
“the host is unreachable” message.

If to restart the interface under root with

ifdown wlan0
ifup wlan0

all works well.

If to disable the automatic start of the interface and start it manually with
ifup wlan0, nothing changes: the interface still does not work after first

This is very annoying because this laptop is use by a girl who cannot restart interface. She says she cannot do anything with it.

I’m willing to bet you have a DNS error.
Please try

dhcpcd wlan0

If browsing does not work after that try


You may have to Ctrl+C to kill them.
If ping returns something (you could use any IP outside of your LAN) then it is a DNS error. Adding openDns to your /etc/resolv.conf should solve the problem.

pinging does not work either. The problem is the default gateway is not assigned.

As noted in a number of other threads, pls describe
Which desktop you’re using

Then, verify you have Network Manager enabled which is best and most appropriate for laptops instead of IFUP/IFDOWN by going into YAST

YAST > Network Services > Network Settings > Global Options tab > check radio button “User Controlled with NetworkManager”

Note: Network Manager will connect to wireless only when a User logs on, not when booting up. Most laptops do not require Internet access without a logged in User but require the ability to move from network to network which is what Network Manager does best.

If you’re still having a problem, pls post your


before you do your ifdown/ifup.


No, I do not like NM for various reasons. For me it is not the best way.

I figured out that the connection works well if to specify the default gateway in Yast. I just curious why it is not assigned via DHCP.

Is why I asked to see ifconfig and iwconfig to verify only partical DHCP configuration, if that’s truly verified that usually is caused by either a misconfigured DHCP or a local setting that over-rides the DHCP setting (yes, convention in this case is local over-rides network).

Depending on how you look at it, you may still want to find/fix the problem or the problem will bite you again in the future.

Note that if you do not use NM you will run into plenty of problems in the future if you transport this laptop to other networks… You will see a new network device created each time the network changes which will require manual intervention.

IFUP/IFDOWN is only for machines that stay in one place unless you’re willing to put up with the headaches.