Why zypper runs btrfs-defrag.py in the time I'm not using BTRFS at all?

Hi everyone,

Found that zypper up (or dup) works extremely slow on one of my TW machines and just slow on another. Trying to understand the root cause I did short analysis and found that zypper runs dtrfs-defrag.py and snapper every time. Problem here is that on both machines I’m not using BTRFS at all, all filesystems are Ext4. Any chance to turn that btrfs-defrag.py off? zypper stucking in the middle just after it downloaded updates and checking file conflicts. For one of my machines this operation takes approximately 1 hour, for another it’s from 10 up to 20 minutes which is too much in my understanding.
It looks like zypper start both btrfs-defrag and snapper automatically and don’t even try to check if any BTRFS mounts exists.

According to the following,
There might be a zypper plugin that defrags <only> the RPN database.


Try purging your RPM database with the following command and see if that addresses your problem. According to the above reference, it’s the author’s opinion that the zypper plugin (looks like probably written by someone else) likely has minimal effect whereas his plugin has the potential to have a large effect… Which might be true since I’ve read various opinions on the 'Net that complain about defragmentation.

zypper clean -a


Thanks for your reply. I did “zypper clean -a”, will see what changed when I’ll do zypper up. Actually I mostly suprised with the fact of starting btrfs-defrag when I’m not using BTRFS…