Why xdg-open reacts so slowly?

Recently I found that the first 3-4 times I click a link in programs like newsbeuter or claws-mail everything works fine - the link opens in the default browser instantly.

However next clicks open more and more slowly (after 20-30 sec, then more than a minute etc). Even typing ‘xdg-open https://opensuse.org’ in console is terribly slow.

I have opened a bug report for that but still I would be interested to know if anyone could give more info (and possibly a solution).

Anyone please?

Not happening to me in Xfce with FFX ES.

…so, no can help at this time.

But, probably a good idea to tell others what Desktop is in use.

What does the CPU usage look like when it’s opening slowly?

KDE Plasma 5.8.7. (I believe it is also in the linked bug report)

Nothing extraordinary. There is no any high load and there is plenty of free RAM. During the waiting there is also a “1” in a rotating circle next to the clock (tray area) which when clicked shows:


Source https://opensuse.org/
230 B of 0 B

[bar with a blue short line moving left and right]"

I think I may have found the culprit.

I noticed that the first time xdg-open tries to open a URL a notification in the tray area appears


So I went to “Proxy - System Settings Module” in Plasma and I saw it was set to “Detect proxy configuration automatically” which I changed to “No Proxy”. Now clicking links seems to work fine.