Why Wont YAST Launch In My Appliance?

I have an appliance on SuseStudio https://susestudio.com/a/35aeVg/activedirectory-desktop

If you test drive it you will notice that Yast will not launch.

Am I missing a package?

Which yast packages are included in the standard KDE OpenSuse distro?

Why didn’t you post this in Development > SUSE Studio?

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Your image lacks yast2-control-center-qt hence it cannot launch the YAST graphical UI.

Sorry about the wrong forum.
I didn’t realise that there were extra sub-forums when looking at the summary page here https://forums.opensuse.org/forum.php

I checked the package list above and also took it for a testdrive and did zypper pa|grep yast|grep qt and I do have the yast2-control-center-qt package installed so something else must be causing a problem.

If I type yast2 from the command line the command is not found.
Can you launch YaST from the command line to check for extra errors?

You need to be root to be able to launch it, otherwise try; kdesu yast2 --qt

You didn’t have the package installed when I tried your system.