why won't opensuse work on my machine

okay here what happened

i put the live cd into the cd tray that was downloaded off of the opensuse site then i waited for the system to boot the live cd, then i came to the menu chose to view the livecd desktop (the top choice) and a progress bar displays shortly after that says “loading the linux kernel” after it was done doing that, it took me to a screen with a progress bar with a black rectangle around it horozontley that spans across the screen, with the progress bar within the rectangle,and a green backround, for the first few minutes the progress bar moves a little but after a couple hours it doesn’t seem to go anywhere what could be the deal here (i also made it view verbose mode and i couldn’t catch anything it was prompting all i got was “rebooting in 120sec”
whats the deal here

in case it involves my system information heres a description
AMD athlon processor 1.22ghz
512mb of ram

video card
NVIDIA GeForce2 gts/GeForce2 pro

optical disk drives
drive 2: LG CD-ROM CRD 84858

note: this happened with both kde and gnome live cds, and i burned the live cd images to a dvd-r disk is that a bad thing (is it also bad to burn them to a dvd-rw, so that i don’t have to waste another perfectly good blank disk to burn something that doesn’t work)

well, first we need to make sure you have burned a good disk:

did you md5sum check the iso prior to burning?
then, after burning the disk to you check it, prior to trying to launch?

see: http://tinyurl.com/6jwtg9

your machine is right on the minimum needed…
see: http://en.opensuse.org/Sysreqs
so it will be kinda slow…but 2 hours is about 1 hour and 55 minutes
TOO long…

when the green screen and moving progress bar is up, try hitting Exc
and see if you can see what are the last couple of lines…

recommendation: lets say it finally runs, i do NOT recommend you try
to install from that disk until you are sure it is 100% correct, and
we have determined the cause of this bump…