Why Virtualbox 7.0.2 is not in openSUSE yet.

For those that want to know, to add anything to openSUSE, it has to be build with the Open Build System.
A change to OBS has caused a ld failure due to a new requirement. We are getting a message that some command is absolute and must be relocatable.
This issue occurs with 6.1.38 and 6.1.40 as well as 7.0.0 and 7.0.2.
Both build fine without osc build command but fail within osc build command.

The VirtualBox website has VB7.0.2 for leap 15.3 and it also works with 15.4 but no Tumbleweed.

I decided to see if I could build the Oracle Version for Tumbleweed and had all sorts of problems. I used a contact at Oracle for advice.
We compared my system to his Tumbleweed system and could find no zypper installed differences.
I pointed out that the failure was always the jni.h file which I had 3 different java and jdk and none made any difference - all failed.

An aha moment occurred and he informed me that only jdk1.8.0 works with the VirtualBox source code and I installed it in /opt and set VBOX_JAVA_HOME to point to it.

The rpm is 54mb - too big to put where you can get it and it is not signed so you would have to disable secure boot to use it. It is not fully tested and you need to remove the openSUSE virtualbox from your host to install it.

I have put a link to download it from Transfer XL. Here is the link.

https://www.transferxl.com/download/00zs1z3py2M94w this link expires on 11/15/2023

Let me know if you have any issues - we are trying to get the openSUSE VB 7.0.2 out but 150 assembler files are erroring out in osc - we have 90% fixed but still figuring out the remaining ones.


The mirrored requirement is:

  • VirtualBox source code requires the JDK 8 Runtime Environment to compile successfully – meaning, for openSUSE, the OpenJDK 8 Runtime Environment is needed.

Which is still in the openSUSE repositories – possibly because of the need to support the VirtualBox builds.

Which begs the question, why can’t the VirtualBox build environment in OBS be setup to use the OpenJDK 8 Runtime Environment?

Java 1.8.0 is there in OBS - the change to ld requirements is what breaks the builds right now and fixes to get meet the new requirements are on going.

I was trying to build the Oracle VIrtualbox for Tumbleweed outside OBS - the default java did not build VirtualBox and I did not have jdk1.8.0 in my Tumbleweed PC.

There are 2 requirements that we are still trying to figure out how to meet. The new requirement are for security fixes that were found and this is to prevent any application from accidentally giving access to unauthorized users or privileges.