Why two sets of updates after install of 11.3 from Live CD?

I just installed OpenSuse 11.3 from the Gnome Live CD on my netbook. After that completed, I opened Software Update and it reported 77 packages to install. I let those run. It took about half an hour. Then I go to Install / Remove Software and it reports another 50 packages to update. This takes another 10-15 minutes. My question is…instead of updates in two separate places, why not show them all to me at once? And why doesn’t the Software Update find the updates that exist in the Install / Remove Software App? Is this a bug, or am I missing something? This is confusing for a new user - which I happen to be!!



It’s not to do with any difference in Software Update v Install / Remove Software

But just that one thing leads to another by dependency, particularly post install.

OK, which I get. But it would make more sense if everything were shown to the user in the same place, which I think most people would expect to see in the Software Updates application. If I never investigated Install / Remove software, how would I get notified that the other packages existed?


At some point you are bound to open Software Management or Add and remove software

Online Update - I think - is just patches.

**zypper up ** would do it too

Fair enough. Is this common practice for all Linux distributions, or just something OpenSUSE does? I guess I’m looking for an analogy with Windows, and perhaps there isn’t one.


I see it in Fedora but can’t say I have noticed in others.

Linux / Windows
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Also some package listed are only recommended installs not upgrades to exiting packages.