Why topics in News and Announcements are locked if they are intended for discussion?

Looking at the latest topic:


This is a companion discussion topic for the original entry at Modern Python stack for Leap - openSUSE News

If this is “discussion topic” (bold is mine) why is it locked as soon as it is created? And if it is not intended for discussion, why it tells it is?

Do you mean why the topics in the forums New and Announcements are read only? That is because it is only drawing attention of our forum members to the news or announcements made elsewhere in the openSUSE community. When that “elsewhere” is a discussion, you can go there and discuss.

When the “elsewhere” says it is a discussion, but you in fact can not discuss there, that is beyond the power of the forums. The News and Announcements are only automatic copies of what is posted “elsewhere”. And adding posts here would be useless for those who are watching/discussing “elsewhere” where the party is. Enjoy it or not.

It is not “elsewhere”. The original news article does not have this line. Apparently, it is added by whatever reposts it in this forum.

OK, I see. The term text “This is a companion discussion” should be something like “This is a pointer to”.

Or do you have a better text suggestion?

Perhaps something like “Source” or Source article" would be sufficient here.

Looking more closely - the original article does have “Start discussion” link which points to the locked topic on this forum.

I do not know whether it worked in the past with old forum software, but I personally do not see any harm in allowing discussion. And if you (forum administrators) decided that discussion is harmful, maybe you should communicate it to news.opensuse.org administrators so that they no more add discussion links.

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From my read, it’s a continuation - it’s not uncommon to refer to blog posts etc. as “discussions” even though it’s not an open discussion.

Sigh … have you actually tried to look at any post on news.opensuse.org? Place cursor on “Start Discussion” link and see the content of this link.


The link points to forums.opensuse.org as the place to discuss. Exactly to the topic that you (forum administrators) mark as locked prohibiting any discussion.

I actually was unaware of that. I read the news posts, but somehow did not see that that was part of what the news team was putting in the posts.

We’ll take this up with the news team. Thanks for the clarification and your patience.

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