Why three or more manual boots for system to function?

This morning I had to manual shutdown three times for system to run smooth - the reason, three lock-ups upon boot. I have read several post regarding this and similar lock-up issues. Several mention installing factory kernel, how is this done?

The system runs great once I boot after a couple of lock-ups, make a pot coffee and come back, it usually takes about 5-10 minutes after boot before it runs without hanging.

The dog in the browser is not running, I understand indexing caused an issue so I shut him down. Any other possible fixes?


very soon after a boot the “openSUSE Updater” phones home to check
for updates…depending on network traffic and etc that process can
take from four or five minutes to maybe up to 15…

during that time the green globe icon in the task bar kinda
pulsates…my experience is that when it has finished i usually have
a much more stable and usable system…

and are you SURE the Beagle is dead?

soon as you boot next time open a terminal and type in top and hit
enter…if you see any processes named beagled, kerry, beagle-help,
or beagle-helper you dog is still chewing its bone, OR your CPU!

you do what you wish, but i wouldn’t jump to a factory kernel until
you are sure that is what is needed…