Why there is no PDNSD available for OpenSUSE 11.1?


I have awful internet connection through wifi, and want to save resolved DNS permanently.
I know about PDNSD - it can do it, but there is no one for opensuse 11.1.
Is that a problem to compile it or is it not stable enough?

Thank you.

Just grab the src rpm and rebuild it?

rpmbuild --rebuild pdnsd-1.2.7-par.src.rpm
sudo rpm -Uhv /usr/src/packages/RPMS/`uname -i`/pdnsd*

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Just done it.

Works perfect. That programs should be in OpenSuSE. Small and extremely useful.

More important, that resolving IP (which is not in cache) through PDNSD goes much quicker.

I am happy, and suggest others to try that program.


I had a look at the src spec and you can pass options through when
building as well. It would need some additional work on the spec file
to get it building on OBS (openSuSE Build Service). You could also put
a request to packman for building?

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I have installed it already.

I have done “make” and copy files manually to the appropriate folders and to init.d. It is only 3 files. So was not really difficult. Additionally there is a good manual, so if read it carefully there will not be a problem.

Everything works.