Why there is no new book about HTML::Mason?

Hi everyone,
After the a bit learning the mod_perl2 I moved forward and I’m trying learn Mason too – it is good method for creating the dynamic web pages. But, there is no new book about Mason, I can’t find a book at least published 3-4 years ago. There is one book about Mason “Embedding Perl in HTML with Mason” (Dave Rolsky Ken Williams) and it’s publish date is year 2002. Maybe supporting the Mason project is end or there is another new tool?
I informed about Embperl, but Mason has many plus against Embperl and Mason is suitable for many tasks…

Maybe you should tell O’Reilly books that you have money in your hot little hands ready to spend if they will bring out a new edition.

I have to say there were things about Mason I didn’t like when I used it. I have been pointed to Catalyst, a more recent Perl web framework, by an enthusiastic friend but haven’t had the need to explore it. It seems that RoR kicked off an epidemic of lookalikes in other languages. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

thank you, I googled for Catalyst and found it as needed tool to create web-sites and templates for them with Perl… As I read, Catalyst is newer than Mason and Embperl and matches to new versions of Apache2 and Perl :slight_smile:

again, tnx