Why there is a SLE_10_SDK repository not SLE_10?


I just tried my first project with OBS. My goal is to have module php5-xmlwriter-5.2.14-0.16.2.x86_64.rpm compiled for SLES10. Then I found some similar php5 home project that were successfully compiled toward SLES10 as a pattern and just branch it. Then when I choose the sles10 repository it appears as SLE_10_SDK. Is it normal? see MLaguilharre:test1 project.

On my project home:MLaguilharre:test1 which is just a non modified branch of a successful project I have the following unresolvable: nothing provides freetds-devel, nothing provides mysql-devel > 5.0.26-12.8, nothing provides libmysqlclient16, nothing provides libedit-devel. Did I miss something?


SLE_10_SDK is an earlier version, SLE_10 is SP4;

Look at the descriptions;

SLE_10 (i586, x86_64)

Yours is;
SLE_10_SDK (i586, x86_64)

Go to ‘Repositories’ ->Add repositories -> pick one via advanced
interface. Now in the ‘Project:’ enter SUSE: then pick your target in
the list.

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Thanks at least I do not have any more unresolvable. I can go further and play again.