Why the patches on emacs?

Every time before saving a file it asks if it should add a newline. Every time.
I m+x customize’d it away, but it just perplexes me: who thought it’s a good idea, and so good indeed they should override the program’s default behaviour?


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To me it looks that you are not asking for help in you doing development and/or programming and/or scripting, but that you have a problem with an application. Thus I will move this to Applications. That will probably give you a wider audience then only those people that think they can help with Development and scripting.

I seems that you keep some patch/update responsible for a functionality change (or bug) in emacs.

Can you please tell us first what version of openSUSE you sue (because this was first in Development/Scripting that prefix was not asked from you on starting the thread). And please also tell us which update (or which update session) you think did it.