Why Synaptics clickpads works only on OpenSUSE ?

Hi everyone, I have a question about hardware support in OpenSUSE…
Im a (un) happy owner of a hp dv5 laptop with the cursed synaptics clickpad (a buttonless touchpad, like the ones in Apple MacBooks).
But this kind of device is not well supported in most Linux distros.

The most commom problems are:

  • Enable / Disable via hardware doesn’t work;
  • Righ click doesn’t work;
  • Multitouch poorly working…

In OpenSUSE 12.1 everything is working very well ! (in 12.2 release I’m having a problem with the Enable/Disable button, who is not working).
But the point of this thread is that why the OpenSUSE drivers for this device aren’t in the mainstream Linux development ?

I have seen a mail list of canonical and they are making their own drivers, since in Ubuntu ( and in all other distros ) the clickpad support
just doesn’t exist.
I know that HP shipped once their “ProBook” laptops with SUSE and perhaps this is why Clickpads are so well supported in the SUSE family.
**So the main question is, there’s a way to provide the drivers (or patches) for use in other Linux distros (or in the mainstream kernel) ?
I think this will improve the support of that device and make the users of the cursed clickpad very happy.