why such a blank desktop on install?

Hi–I love opensuse 12.3–I;ve been using it for quite a while, but then I needed a new hard drive in my laptop so I installed the most recent update 42.1 Why is the desktop so sparse? When you install 12.3 it has all the icons on the bottom including the date/time on the right etc and on 42.1 theer’s nothing. I tried to figure out how to emulate what was on the 12.3 desktop and couldn;t figure it out…so I tried 13.1 and had the same problem and even worse in that there were these hidden icons to the left of teh viewable desktop screen and when I would drag them over random shortcuts to different apps would show up. So I went back to 12.3 and am happy again.

Is there some sort of theme you can install that has a good desktop setup for 42.1???

You are talking much a bout a desktop, but fail to tell which desktop? KDE, Gnome, different? It is realy difficult to help people when they do not even provide some minimal information.


Well that is not normal you should have a basic set-up. Are you sure that you are running KDE (Plasma5) and not some lighter desktop?? At the log in be sure that you have the correct desktop selected.

Also be sure you have the correct resolution set.

there is a (I forgot what it’s called) web like option for the plasma desktop that does not show any icons on the desktop maybe you’ve deactivated folder view?

My understanding the OP does not have the system tray panel either

Perhaps a graphics card issue?