why should i replace my current OS.....???

i’ currently using windows vista as my main OS and ubuntu as the other…
i’m having no problem at all with my current OS but still there is a voice inside of me that keeps saying to switch to linux… :::
please tell me major advantages and disadvantages of switching completely to linux in detail…

Ignore that voice, or do a web search for the answer, you’re not the first person who has asked this question. :stuck_out_tongue:

Since you have both Vista and ubuntu, you have the ability to try both and decide for yourself. Nobody else can make that decision for you.

If you are unable to make up your mind, then you are not yet ready to switch.

A lot depends on your personal circumstances; eleven years ago I installed Windows and Linux and I quickly found that Linux allowed me to do more things more easily. Gradually I was using Windows less and less - in the end only because Linux could not run the program I was required to use for a course - and eventually I moved everything over to Linux though I still have Windows installed on my old machine to test open source programs in order to support other people using them on Windows.

Having recently helped a novice with Windows 7, I now know that he would have had fewer problems getting to grips with a computer had he installed Linux but he wasn’t confident enough to make that move. But, having got over the hill of getting used to Windows, he probably won’t want to give it up for a while.

You are more likely to become aware of the superiority of most Linux programs if your computing needs are more demanding. If your needs are simple, you may not notice any difference.

If you’re using a desktop and Ubuntu works flawlessly and you have no need for Windows (you’re happy with libreOffice, etc) then make the switch.
If you’re using a laptop, I would keep the dual boot and make Linux the default OS. I would keep Windows on it for the rare occasion (aka Murphy’s Law) when something goes wrong on the go.

Use whichever one does the job you need done. Thats what I do. I use Linux for nearly everything though. One thing is for certain Linux is a great way to learn what really goes on under the hood of a computer.