Why opensuse zram swap is not created by default

like redhat or centos fedora why opensuse does not have zramswap ??
it is better than normal swap.

zramswap makes only sense for machines with really low RAM. But today with properly equipped machines your system nearly never SWAPs. So your argument “it is better than normal swap” is based on your personal taste…

For me this is a rather … question. When the only argument to support a feature is that “others have it”, IMHO that is a non-argument.

And after all, when all distros would have all things the same, there would not be more then one distro. Be glad you can choose in the first place and then can adapt in the second place.

Possibly, maybe – please read the following test results (compiling Chromium 85 – which can take about 5 hours to complete) – the compilation failed on a Fedora system in a VM with 8 GiB memory and 4 GiB zram swap – <https://linuxreviews.org/The_Benefits_Of_Having_A_Compressed_zram_Swap_Device_On_Linux>

i think it is good maybe in next installer called D-installer this may help set a zram swap if ram is <=8GIB else dont create a swap maybe this will help but currently opensuse installer does not help anything.
i dont know how to ask for feature request in suse. if anyone want please file a feature request

now see this even pop os is now enabling zram by default after this pull request

i think suse should do it also instead of v3 iso.

For the case of systems being used for Gaming, you could, possibly, be correct.

  • But, for the rest of the world, your thoughts could, possibly, be misplaced …
    One possible exception could be, possibly, machines being used for analysing research data with exceptional computational loads …
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I doubt that anyone here will do that for you :wink:


Just get more system RAM? Reduce vm swappiness down or disable (needed when running k8s clusters)… I did see it enabled, maybe on a ALP test machine.

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it can be a small toggle that can be off by which we can stop zram but most users need zram it helps a lot having said that i think it can be programed with a script that on low system ram systems it will create zram and more than 32gig systems toggle will be off by default but can be on by user and zram is always >=8gig in size hence having that only improve experience. and most are using ssd so it will really help

vote for

Sorry this is still only your opinion, but not backed by any technical facts. Forcing such (nonsense) for all users when only a small number of ppl really need this (maybe some hundreds or thousends) is a bigger annoyance. Even systems with only 8 GB Ram don’t need such nonsense. And there are several technical articels which shows that zram only helps for some corner cases and special applications.
So the only sensefull approach would be to supply the package in openSUSE, and users which want to screw up their system can enable it on their own…


So you could look at my systemd-zram-service (as eluded to in the bug report) It’s just a simple script that could be modified to your needs?

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I note you’ve been asked to provide further information, your feature request/bug report is in “needinfo” state… Perhaps you’ve not yet noticed.

BTW the openSUSE bugzilla doesn’t use the “vote” feature.

sorry about that i am looking into

i was offline so i cant reply

hi if opensuse wants to implement it what i was asking for it is like what crystal linux have done that it is a toggle while install you can turn off or on base on requirement. as dinstaller taling shape it can be introduced in that so it is easy to setup.

I think it’s fairly evident that openSUSE has no intention of implementing this, you’re flogging the proverbial dead horse, and wasting your own time in the process.

If you personally require it, a possible solution was proposed in this earlier reply:

have you investigated that to see if it suits your needs?