Why not multiboot with Suse 11.1 32-bit + 64-bit + XP?

It should have worked. I have done it before: dual boot Suse 32-bit + 64-bit. But I did it with an older Suse (9 or 10, can’t remember).

This time I wanted a multiboot: XP Pro x64, Suse 11.1 64-bit, Suse 11.1 32-bit

I cleaned off the drive, loaded XP Pro x64, used GParted to resize my XP and set up some new partitions. Then loaded suse 11.1 64-bit. Suze gave me a perfectly working dual-boot. (Gotta love that Suse). OK so far. Then I loaded suse 11.1 32-bit. Suse didn’t create a multi-boot menu for me. The same dual-boot is in place, but featuring XP + Suse 32-bit in place of the previous XP + Suse 64-bit. The 64-bit install seems to be in limbo. Is this a naming issue? Is it due to the fact that I loaded Windows XP first?

I guess I need help with my bootloader? What should I be looking for?

Heck. I already knew I’m not very smart by the time midnight rolls around, and that I was taking a chance by continuing my installations so late. Last night I didn’t carefully read/adjust the partitioning table suggested by Suse. I was overwriting my previous Suse install.

I just reinstalled the x86_64 release into the partition I had created for it. Now all works just fine.

Welcome to the forums – a bit of a knee trembler to start off with I see.

Luck in the future - that multibooting can be tricky.