Why no update for btrfsprogs in tumbleweed?

Does anyone know if there is a reason why btrfsprogs is not rolled along in tumbleweed? The kernel is version 3.14 while btrfsprogs is 3.12, is this intentional? I would have gussed that they should be in sync.

No, they don’t have to be in sync. btrfsprogs’ version scheme is independent of the one from the kernel: (f.e. there never was a 3.13 relase AFAICS…)

Actually openSUSE 13.1 comes with btrfsprogs 3.12 (that’s where you have it from), while it only has a 3.11.x kernel.

I don’t know why btrfsprogs has not been updated in Tumbleweed yet, maybe nobody saw a need for that? Or maybe just because it is brand new, it only got released in April.
You should better ask this on the opensuse-factory mailing list if you want to have it updated, I suppose.

Btw, btrfsprogs 3.14 is available in the filesystems repo, which is also built for Tumbleweed:

The update for btrfsprogs to 3.14 is now available on Tumbleweed (repo), and will change vendor from openSUSE.