Why no boxed openSUSE 11.2 for preorder (yet)?

Since the release is getting closer, I wonder why the boxed version is not available for pre-order yet?

I would imagine sometime late next week something may appear :slight_smile:

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My experience from past years is the boxed pre-order typically take place a week to 9 days before the official GM release date. I think the official GM release date planned is 12-Nov-2009, hence my rough calculations suggest one should see the pre-order sometime around 3 to 5-Nov-2009.

Oh I thought the GM will arrive on Nov 06, although I guess that’s only an internal release.

Any idea what we might get in the box this year?

If I had a job, I’d pre-order a box set in a heart beat. I’ve bought several SUSE boxsets in the past just to show my support for the project. I guess instead I might spare a few bucks to donate if I can’t. The way the economy is going, I don’t know when I’ll be able to get another job or if I will even get any clients for my business.

Looks like suseshop is taking pre-orders now.

openSUSE 11.2 erschienen bei Novell SUSE

Not sure if I can face the prospect of the order process in German though.:\

I have no problem buying boxed set as well just to support the project (I mean, I will probably still use the downloadable ISO). However, it feels more right to do so if the money goes straight to the OpenSUSE project (minus administrative stuff and such). Does anyone know if this is the case with the NovellShop?

I note an english openSUSE-11.2 can be pre-ordered from Amazon.de.
SUSE Linux openSUSE 11.2 Box - englisch - SLOS112EN

I normally pre-order from EDV-BUCHVERSAND Delf Michel , but if they don’t offer an English packaged version, I may order from Amazon.

Edit - in fact, the amazon link takes one to http://www.linux-onlineshop.de