Why Kernel-Downgrade?

This morning a ‘zypper dup’ with tumbleweed repo properly activated wants to downgrade my kernel to kernel-default- (Kernel package changes from tumbleweed to opensuse-repo) which I refused to install after getting nvidia-driver and virtualbox running with the tumbleweed package.

Does anybody have a clue of the reason for this downgrade?

Thanks in advance.


This probably was just a temporary kernel build failure.
Just do a repo refresh with “sudo zypper ref” to fix it.

I too have the problem of zypper dup wanting to take the kernel back to the standard openSUSE 11.4 kernel. It’s not meant to be, surely. It’s more likely a left-field dependency issue. I’m going to look at it in detail this weekend if it doesn’t go away by then.

Just ran ‘zypper dup’ again and the issue is gone. Thanks a lot!!

Today the issue is gone for me too.
It’s a good tactic to wait a few days if you suspect strange dependency issues. I’ve seen this sort of thing happen a couple of times in the past months and resolve after a few days.