Why isn't my OBS Python Project building?


I may have come up with a solution to my Python Arch_Extra packaging dramas, but I added:

<path project="home:fusion809:arch_extra:python" repository="Arch_Extra"/>

to my home:fusion809:arch_extra project’s meta config even though:

<path project="home:fusion809:arch_extra" repository="Arch_Extra"/>

was present in my home:fusion809:arch_extra:python project’s meta config and this caused all package building to be ceased in both projects. I removed the problem line from the home:fusion809:arch_extra project’s meta config and now all new packages I added to my python subproject (i.e., home:fusion809:arch_extra:python) during this build-cease are listed as “broken”. How do I fix this?

ps. I did originally include URLs for the meta configs of both projects and their homepages, but thanks to colon p being interpreted as a smiley I had to ditch 'em.

Thanks for your time,

NVM, I found that editing my PKGBUILDs (even just tweaking their headers) fixes this problem.