Why isn't KTorrent Responding

Ok maybe someone can help me. I just finally got my internet, and now I know that the Official Release of 11.1 is out. I’m trying to download it by Torrent; however, KTorrent is not loading when I say to open it with KTorrent. Sighs This really bugs me because KTorrent was working fine when I first installed 11.0 awhile ago. I’m still running 11.0, nothing has change other than I’ve finally connected it to the Internet and trying to Download 11.1. Does anyone have any solutions at all??? :frowning:

Does a window pop up telling you that the program has failed in some way (the basis for a bug report), or does it simply not open the file?

Have you tried downloading it to the desktop and opening it from there?

One more question: Have you installed unstable packages on the system? Updated KTorrent recently?

Well, the thing is I’m using FireFox, and I’m trying to tell Firefox to Open the iso.torrent file with KTorrent. But

  1. I cannot find KTorrent on the list of programs to open it with
  2. It keeps wanting to use KGet (which I know isn’t a Bittorrent Client)

I haven’t updated it since I installed OpenSuSE 11.0 so it should still be as stable as when I had it working on here before.

I’m pretty sure that you could try this:

Download the file to the desktop (directly, without opening up the file with KGet) and click on it. If KTorrent doesn’t open automatically, then my first bet would be that it’s not installed, as it has always done so automatically on my systems. You can look in the “Personal Settings” control panel and, in the advanced tab(? sorry running gnome right now) look for “Default Programs” There might be an entry for a torrent client, not sure. Set to KTorrent and try again.

Hope this works!

I still have a machine on 11.0 and KDE 4, and kTorrent are found under “Start” -> Applications -> Internet -> Data Exchange. On KDE you can also type: “ktorrent” in “Run Command”, which you get from Alt + F2 or right-click mouse one Desktop.

If kTorrent not found here, you have to search in YAST - Software maintenance.


I had the same problem with Suse 11 /w KDE 4.1, my solution was to use Y@st to update (actually its a downgrade) ktorrent from the KDE Desktop repo version to the version in the Pacman repo.

Ok, so just so everyone knows I do have KTorrent on here it is on my system, as a matter of fact it’s seeding the “OpenSuse-11.1-Beta5-DVD-i586.iso” torrent file. So it has and is working on my machine. My main problem is when I try to download another torrent file, it doesn’t give me the option to use KTorrent to open it with so I can download the file like I have done with other torrent files. The only thing I can wonder is if it has to do with FireFox, I have updated firefox recently. That’s the only thing I did along with Updating the OS with it’s updater.