Why is there no pulse effects for leap? No text inside.

You had to look. Yeah I know. It said my message was too short. I hope your both satisfied.


Even worse – WRT “Audio effects for Pulseaudio applications”:

  • Leap 15.1 Build information:

Build jobs exists (nothing provides pkgconfig(glib-2.0) >= 2.56, (got version 2.54.3 provided by glib2-devel-32bit), (got version 2.54.3 provided by glib2-devel))

  • Which is unresolvable
    … - But, Leap 15.2 is OK – Please wait …

When I said I hope your both satisfied I was only referring to the forum message that told me my message was to short forcing me to leave something inside and whoever opened the post and saw it after I typed no message inside in the title. It was a joke.

Thanks for the info. Maybe 15.2 will still have it.

With Leap 15.2, it ain’t a “maybe” – Leap 15.2 does have a “PulseEffects” in the Multimedia:Apps repository …