why is there no package 'python3-pikepdf' for leap

I want to install pdfarranger, it requires python3-pikepdf, but there is no package ‘python3-pikepdf’ for leap 15.1.
However, there is package ‘python3-pikepdf’ for openSUSE Tumbleweed.

Because the packages does not build in Leap 15.1

Upgrade to Leap 15.2 and go on.

I upgrade to leap 15.2, but there is the same problem.

What exactly is your problem?
python3-pikepdf is not in the default OSS repo, but is in the python repo



I install the package successfully by your reply.
But, how did you find the package?
I can’t search the package on the website https://software.opensuse.org/ .

On the search you type in:

On the next side, you see the packages if they are in the official Repos.

If they are not in the official Repos, you klick on
show experimental packages if avaible for your distribution.
Mostly those Repos are factory Repos building for the next Release or factory.
Thes are not official Repos but mostly semi-official.

If thtey are not in this Repos you can choose
Show community packages if avaible for your distribution.
But this means not, that the packages are working or up to date, that depends on the maintainer of that Repo.
So you are warned.

Then you choose the Version you want by clicking on it-----on the right side Build Results klick on the distribution you want-------click on go to download Repository (this is the URL you use, if you want the Repo permanent on your System) and use the directory (mostly noarch or x86_64) and download and install the package.

But less Repos are often more, so I prefer to Download and install packages individually.

OK, I got it.
On the search page, I choose the “All Distributions”, then I type in “python3-pikepdf”, I see all the results successfully.
I choose “15.1” previously, so I can’t see any results.
Thank you very much.