Why is there no mention of why the forums keep going down?

The forums have been having problems for quite a while now but I see no explanation to the users. What’s going on? Do you guys know what the issue is? Anything users can do to help?

There has been some discussion
We are still testing changes made

Did you move the forum on a virtual machine with 256 MB of RAM?

We have Hamsters running in wheels to power the server.
Kim forgets to feed them !

Well that’s taking the concept of “rolling release” too far. :wink:

On 12/09/2011 10:16 PM, caf4926 wrote:
> We have Hamsters running in wheels to power the server.
> Kim forgets to feed them !

oh NO! everyone knows hamsters are far too slow!!

and, even with fast rats you MUST oil the wheels…i bet that he forgot
that too!!

openSUSE®, the “German Engineered Automobiles” of operating systems!

> What’s going on?


openSUSE®, the “German Engineered Automobiles” of operating systems!

> http://news.opensuse.org/2011/12/12/forums-and-wikis-and-blogs-oh-my/

I don’t usually use the forum website, partly because I prefer
email/nntp and partly because of the hassles I’ve had from time to time
using the opensuse/novell login system.

But reading that article, I thought I’d comment on a couple of things it

“a side effect of this is that the openSUSE sites now log in via a
Novell-branded login page. When the rest of the sites have been moved
off of iChain, we will be able to change back to an openSUSE branded
login. This will probably take some time, but we will get there.”

Since the change was made, I haven’t used the website at all. And I
won’t until it is back on the opensuse site. The reason is simple -
Firefox knows my username/password and has it associated with the
opensuse site, not the novell one. I can’t be bothered jumping through
more hoops to regain access.

“The second is that the default Access Manager timeout is very short
compared to what the openSUSE contributors are used to. I changed the
timeout to 4 hours last night, so this should no longer be an issue.”

The logout on opensuse has always been an irritation, even more so that
it is apparently based on time logged in rather than time since last
activity. I do happily belong to several other forums; they are ones
where I log in and stay logged in for at least a week or so if not
indefinitely. I fail to see the benefit of a login time period measured
in hours.


I agree, and have experienced the same problems. Now that I have become accustomed to the current scheme, it will undoubtedly change.

I agree, although I had acclimated Firefox to both login schemes and each is working acceptably (except for the timeouts, slow response and cryptic error messages).

I agree, in most part. The change to four (4) hours is a concession to the comments/complaints. While this represents an improvement, the fixed time limit remains a problem. I support the “bouncing” of inactive users, both from a security (mine) and capacity rationale. I do strongly feel that ones login status should be continually maintained based on activity, not based on a fixed time limit.

I further concur with the observations concerning other forums.

I concur with your obeservations, and support the same direction that is sought. I would find it most unfortunate that forum access and participation may be influenced by such problems. It should be an objective to provide full and OPEN access to any and all information sources in furtherance of the OPEN products and strategies available. This access is not only for current users, but for the new and prospective users that should not face such small hinderances and difficulties.

For anyone feeling that they have “experienced no problems”, or “its working OK for me” or “I don’t see the problem”, you are entitled to your thoughts, feelings and expressions thereof. No intention is suggested of changing what works for some, only to improve access for everyone.


Since the recent changes, Forum HTTP access has noticeably improved. I have not directly measured the announced four (4) hour limit. The cookie vbseo_loggedin remains initially set to login time +1 hour. However, if the forums are used, this cookie appears to be automatically “renewed” for an additional hour. The net effect appears to be a “rolling forward” time limit. This is a definite improvement, and worthy of recognition and compliments. Conversely, absence of usage experiences cookie expiration and forum logout. This effect is as documented and quite acceptable.

There remains a few problems, the most noticeable is the “504 Gateway Timeout”. I would hazard a guess that this is due to the entire forum site experiencing an outage. Some networks (such as banks) incorporate outage notification in the front-end servers. Such a feature for the forums would return a quick, brief message that the forums are unavailable, avoiding the long, tortuous wait for the 504 message.

Of course, this control may reside in the Novell network(s), as we are using the Novell login procedures, and may be beyond the control of the forum administrators.

All in all, the forum access has definitely improved since the recent difficulties, and my compliments to all involved.

On Sun, 18 Dec 2011 18:16:46 +0000, SeanMc98 wrote:

> All in all, the forum access has definitely improved since the recent
> difficulties, and my compliments to all involved.

Glad to hear it’s going better - they did find one issue recently where
we were hitting an open file limit. That should alleviate a lot of the
recent issues.


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