Why is there no live media download?

Distrowatch has Opensuse listed as livemedia (I checked before downloading) but after the long download, when I try to boot, there is no live option. Why not? And why is it listed as live if that isn’t available? I’m having trouble with my graphics card in other new distros and need to check that it will work BEFORE install. Will there be a live one available later?

They are not created for the main release any more (maintenance, build load etc), try the live versions of Tumbleweed, or create your own liveCD on SUSE Studio: https://susestudio.com

42.1 has no live. There is one for Tumbleweed and there are some unofficial live versions.


Maybe ask Distrowatch why they publish that something extists that doesn’t?

Live media are offered for Tumbleweed (and still available for 13.2) so it is not entirely wrong, at least, when speaking about openSUSE in general.

A Leap-based live version is openSUSE_Argon available here: http://download.opensuse.org/reposit…as/images/iso/
It has an Unstable version of KDE, so if you see something odd don’t be too afraid; but the base system including the kernel is that of the “regular” Leap 42.1.

Probably you want to have a look at this: http://lists.opensuse.org/opensuse/2016-08/msg00466.html



But still not an official build… Still far easier to use SUSE Studio and build what you want… :wink: