Why is the second letter in YaST lower case???

I am wondering why the second letter of YaST is lower case? Doesn’t YaST stand for Yet Another System Tool??? Also, is it the same for openSUSE??? Is it openSUSE or openSuSE??? I’ve seen many people write openSuSE… It’s getting weird! :smiley:

It’s Yet another Setup Tool

YaST/History - openSUSE

Not sure why the original author used lowercase a, since it would normally be in uppercase in acronym formation rules. Maybe it went with S.u.S.E, yes with the periods.

The correct name is openSUSE. This is because the Novell product line went to SUSE (all caps) a while back.

S.u.S.E. stands for “Software und System Entwicklung” (in english: software and system development)
In german grammer all nouns beginn with an upper case letter, so it makes sense that the “u” letter is a lower case letter.

Since Novell bought SuSE Linux AG (the former German company, today they are SUSE Linux GmbH), they completly redesigned the Distribution by dividing it into an Enterprise Product and the openSUSE Project, and so the lower case written u was lost. :expressionless:

Today openSUSE is mainly maintained in Nürnberg (Germany), so you will often read openSuSE but the trademark itself including graphics is now openSUSE.

greetings Kump

The YaST issue is simmilar to this.

In german grammar, nouns like “setup” and “tool” are written with an upper case letter. Y is a upper case letter too because YaST itself is a noun/name.

So the name is an incorrect in english grammar.

Out of curiosity, what is the translation of YaST in German?

I’m not sure that I can translate it correctly, there are a few possibilities caused by the larger vocabulary in german language which doesn’t make it always easier to correctly understand english phrases.

My suggestion is

“Wiederum ein anderes Einstellungswerkzeug”
(“Noch ein Mal mehr ein anderes Einstellungswerkzeug” is nearly the same)

NeEG wäre gut: Noch ein Einstellungs Gerät

Something like

“Noch ein weiteres Einrichtungswerkzeug”

might be a word by word translation.

But there is no real translation for YaST in german (the other suggestions from daKump are also practically equivalent while the suggestion of Knurpht is not completetly correct as “Gerät” is the german word for “device” which is a little too broad).

You might also notice the typically german way of concatenating nouns to a new noun, Setup = Einrichtung & Tool = Werkzeug becomes one word “Einrichtungswerkzeug”.

ken yap wrote:

> Not sure why the original author used lowercase a, since it would
> normally be in uppercase in acronym formation rules.

Not so in the UK, where it should be Yast. Just the first letter is
capitalised when the acronym can be pronounced as a word. I prefer the US
system of capitalising all letters as it avoids confusion. The other day I
saw a headline beginning "Man . . " which would have been “MAN . . .” in
the US.

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I guess I’ll have to start referring to people who live in the Uk and Ni (do knights come from there?) :slight_smile:

> (do knights come from there?) :slight_smile:

no, knights comes when the ksun goes kdown…



Now I just wait for the first one to ask if that has been already ported to KDE4.