Why is the option "Open Port in Firewall" greyed out in YaST "Remote Administration" setup?

I’m confused by this. I have the firewall on. And I have a zone set for my network connection.

I’m setting up VNC and saw this option to change the firewall settings from within this vnc setup menu. But the option is greyed out.

I’m going to open the port manually. But I’m curious. Why is this greyed out?

You have the option “Do Not Allow Remote Administration” enabled. You can’t open the firewall port in this way if you aren’t allowing remote administration.

Still, doesn’t help. I have the same issue and it must have to do with “No network interfaces are configured”. I have read through the YaST Remote Administration documentation but it’s just the same. Doesn’t matter if you allow vnc or rdp on the firewall. You can access the noVNC web administration on http://your:ip:5801, but once you click on connect, it just gets stuck loading

So,I got vnc to work. Only to find that I get a black screen when connecting. (Something to do with SDDM. I got tired of troubleshooting)

I decided to undo all the settings. And opted to use krfb from KDE.

Andrew Valenzuela

That setting for the firewall is greyed out in other sections too. Afk and can’t remember which yast setting. But it was greyed out in other areas.

Andrew Valenzuela

The VNC connection working/not working I think might be dependent on if you’re using Wayland or Xorg (I seem to remember that VNC doesn’t work with Wayland, though that could be an older issue that’s been resolved).

I agree that it probably has something to do with no interfaces being configured. Maybe it’s related to what you’re using to control the network interfaces. (I thought it might be that if you were using NetworkManager it wouldn’t work, but I checked my system, which does use NetworkManager, and I can toggle the port, even if remote management is disabled).

Ya, im using NM too. And I tried the VNC using both sessions.

Like I said I just ditched using YaST (really wanted that to “just work”) and using KDE’s krfb app instead.

The YaST VNC was showing a black screen on connect.

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Glad you found a solution. It may well be if you are using Wayland that it’s not yet supported. As I mentioned, I seem to recall that was an issue, but not sure if it’s been fixed yet.

Either way, glad it’s resolved for you. :slight_smile:

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