Why is Suggested Partitioning the only option?

Please please please have mercy on me! Four days with out a ciggerete, had a huge fight and broke up with my girlfriend last night. Flat broke, gas tank on e, unemployed. So if this post seems edgy, annoying, whiny or anything like, see past that! I just wanna play with kde4.1 rc1, and the only spot I have to install it is sbc2! Please read on…

Because inserting images seems to not work for me, here is a link to a screen shot I took of YaST2 ‘disk’ setup.


I have no clue what any of this means, so I am going to do a run through of what I think it means. If I am wrong please, throw rocks at me, be mean, beat me, I don’t care. Just make sure I have it right!

sda is the first hard drive plugged into my motherboard. sda1 is the first partition on sda, which so happens to be my C:\ drive for windows.

sdb is the second hard drive plugged into my motherboard. sdb1 is the first partition, and is my main perminate ubuntu install.

sdb2 and sdb5 have something in common. sdb2 is extended which confuses me, but I’d guess that it is saying to cut sdb apart, make another partion which becomes sdb5, my D:\ Drive where I have my windows programming stuff installed.

sbc is my 150 gb external hd. sbc1 is the first partiton, sbc2 is the second, and sbc3 is linux swap space.

I want to install opensuse on sbc2! Its got sdb1 marked for formatting, and where the installer is installing to, which is BAD! I’m use to the Ubuntu installer, which lets me point where I am installing to. But from what I can tell, YaST2 wants to, and will only install to sdb1, which, again, is BAD, WRONG, and NOT what I want. so, why is the suggested partitioning the only option? I sorta have another version of opensuse on that partition already. It never worked though, maybe thats why I can’t do what I am trying to do. I have no where else to install it.

Please help! And many many thanks in advanced!


While you are sorting out your install problems, … some philosophy … with my having made many mistakes over the years and had similar such heartbreaking occurrences, this is the time when one is vulnerable to making many small mistakes that cost a lot of time and effort. So my (likely unwanted) suggestion is to take it easy and slow. …

Rather than install KDE4, why not play with the latest non-installable live CD putout by kde.org for KDE-4.1 RC1 (based on openSUSE)? Go here and download and burn that ISO file:
“KDE Four Live” CD](http://home.kde.org/~binner/kde-four-live/)
I’ve read this live CD is updated constantly (but its not installable). It is NOT to be confused with the openSUSE-11.0 KDE4 live CD that IS installable (but has an older unstable version of KDE4.0.x).

For a better insight into the somewhat confusing KDE4 mass of stuff:

Good luck!

In addition to oldcpu’s recommendation, a couple of things:

1.- I can’t see the screenshot so I have no clue. :slight_smile:
2.- You should have two options when clicking on the underlined Partition Layout (or Partitioning, or… I don’t know how it’s called in english) that is up there in the configuration screen.
These two options allow you to either edit the layout proposed either create a new layout.
If you can’t see those or are not working my bet is there’s a problem with the installation media. Being this the case check the md5sum of the iso and burn it again at the slowest speed available.
That if you downloaded the iso, of course.
Take it easy, mate. :slight_smile:

Thank you much of the excellent replies!

As far as trying out the other live cd, I have a stack of live cds about 25 cds high. I have fooled around with many differnt cds and had with this latest opensuse with kde4.1 rc1, and wanted to get it off the cd, and really dig into it.

I had no problems getting the installer to install on an internal hard drive, and think my problem was trying to put it on an external. I have read of ways of putting linux on thumb drives and what not, and I am sure that there is a way to make it work, but for now I am ok.

In the end, I decided that I can’t look at gnome anymore, and I am ready to try another distro, so I installed over my ubuntu.

[EDIT] Ah, you can’t see my image because 50megs wont remote link. Never had a problem with it before, and it wasn’t doing that last night.
I have followed KDE 4 - 4.1 since its first 4.0 rc and I am glad to finally be nearing the full 4.1 release. Can’t wait!

I have to do some research, but I might have other questions that don’t belong in the install forum, so look for me in the general questions area :wink:

Again, much thanks!