Why is package management running?

I ended up doing a network install to get opensuse 11.0 installed(it took awhile!). Everything is running great so far aside from one issue.

It seems as if the package manager wants to run every time I save any changes I make in the network module of yast. This isn’t an issue if I’m at home, but at work it becomes and issue where I might have to manually change the IP address and don’t want to do it with ifconfig.

So, any ideas why package manager runs?

It’s an irritation – might be a quirk in Yast. I get it to go away by turning off the updater applet in the system tray (or whatever that’s called)

I noticed the same thing on 11.0 and didn’t see it on previous releases. Good to know it goes away with opensuse updater disabled. Thanks Swerdna.

I ran into it on 10.3 too – strange