Why is opensuse so much better?

I am fairly new to linux using it for around a year.I had started out on ubuntu and recently changed to opensuse.I have tried different versions of ubuntu from 7.04 to the most recent beta 9.04.The most recent being the worst.Open suse gets the basics right. My cpu fan and other fans dont speed up and slow down like they should in ubuntu but in open suse they do speed up under load.I cant believe that a distro like ubuntu cant get something this simple and this important right! The computer is so much faster with opensuse also.I assume it’s running cooler? Thank you open suse team for doing things right,because I don’t have the time or patience to track down problems like that.Maybe Ubuntu users don’t notice things like that but fans are very important to me.Thanks openSUSE!:slight_smile:

Well 9.04 is beta, personally I think Ubuntu and Opensuse run on par with eachother on my puter.

stick around, read some posts as they come in…
won’t take long to find one that says something like: that never
happened when i ran Ubuntu, i can’t believe SUSE won’t do it right,
like Ubuntu…

moral to the story:
different machine + different wants/expectations = a different “right”

Andy Sipowicz