Why Is Netbeans Not In The Repositories?

Hi folks. I just tried to install Netbeans through YaST And found that a few components of Netbeans are in the repositories, but the actual IDE itself is not. The Apache foundation took stewardship of Netbeans a while ago, didn’t it? Has some licensing change during the transition to the Apache foundation meant that Netbeans can’t be included in the repositories? Henk said that I should just wait for the Packman and Nvidia repositories to be added to 15.2 so that I can install the video codecs and my GPU driver. Is it likely that Netbeans will be in the Packman repositories for similar reasons that the video codecs are, or should I be looking to download, install and keep it up-to-date manually?

Here’s another means to an end…


karl@erlangen:~> netbeans
snap-confine has elevated permissions and is not confined but should be. Refusing to continue to avoid permission escalation attacks: Operation not permitted

For me, IDE like NetBeans or Eclipse is always better to install manually, not via package manager. And not only on openSUSE, but almost on all distros.