Why is my laptop beeping?

For some reason my Dell is beeping randomly…soft, high-pitched, beeps. Not related to volume control (not sound).

I have Inspiron 1720 laptop. I am not sure what piece of hardware is causing this so I do not know what else to put. The sound is coming the part behind the harddrive for those familiar with the laptop.

Sorry my description is so vague…I am not sure what to write.

In addition:
It does not beep in Windows XP

Any help would be highly appreciated. This is driving me insane.


Shengzhi Li

I don’t know exactly what you mean by “beep”, but it may be the sound of your HDD “parking”.

Sounds stupid, but
I had those beeps when desktops effects were enabled.It was a feature to beep on opening new windows etc.Cant remeber which one and were it was.Disable desktop effects, if u have them enabled, to see if the beeps go off.
I cant remeber if it was a system bell beep or a speaker beep.Disable desktop effects for a while just to be sure

I have experienced such behaviour on a desktop computer running Windows 98. This beeping was caused by going to malfunctioning harddisc or controller.