Why is Mesa-dri-nouveau locked (never install)

Hi, i noticed that on one of my tumbleweed pcs, there is this package: Mesa-dri-nouveau
which is locked (never install). Why is that so and why is is only this one pc affected?

I am pretty sure that i have pc with older tumbleweed installations and some with never tumbleweed installations, so i guess that the locking was part of a snapshot setting which is not used anymore. So my question is, can i remove it or not?
I use the proprietary NIVIDA driver on that pc but i think that another problem i have with flickering consoles, right after kernel updates and before i am able to reinstall the NVIDIA driver, has something to do with this. But maybe this is totally unrelated, but i would have tried it already but i am afraid that i break something when i unlock that package.

I don’t actually know why it is locked.

However, I am asked whether to accept this package whenever there is an update. I say “yes” (for no good reason). But if you say “no” then it isn’t installed. And maybe saying “no” causes the lock.

I don’t have any Nvidia card, so it doesn’t matter to me one way or the other.