Why is MATE Desktop removed from Tumbleweed?


I want to install a system with the Mate Desktop, but the MATE Desktop seems to be removed from the DVD, so it is currently not installable. Other unimportant desktops like Xfce are still available, only MATE seems to be removed. This is very sad, because now I have to look for an alternative distro which still supports MATE. When I installed a Tumbleweed system two months ago MATE was available, but currently it seems to be removed.

The network ISO is no alternative for me, since my network driver is not found on this is ISO so the installation does not work either. So it would be nice if you can re-add MATE Desktop to OpenSuse.

Welcome to openSUSE Forums Axmax. This is a user forum run by volunteers, and we don’t decide what gets included in the DVD or not. Also what you consider to be an unimportant desktop is not necessarily considered that way by others. Why not install with a minimal desktop eg XFCE, then add the MATE desktop later.


I am surprised that it was ever on the DVD.

When I installed MATE, I had to install it later after completing the basic installation.

In any case, it is still there in the repos.

Choice 1: Install a minimal X-windows system, and add MATE after install.

Choice 2: Add the online repos during your install. The prompt for this is early in the install. With the online repos configure, the MATE pattern should be available for your install.

A year ago, I wrote up a user FAQ on installing the Cinnamon desktop with Tumbleweed.

You might try following the steps in this FAQ, but modifying it to specify MATE instead. MATE was available in the repos in 2017, as you’ll see in the second image in the linked page above.

Good luck!

AFAICS, MATE is no longer available for any current openSUSE version: <https://software.opensuse.org/package/patterns-openSUSE-mate> and <https://software.opensuse.org/package/patterns-openSUSE-mate_basis> …

MATE shows up in Yast Software Manager as an installable pattern.

The spinoff of OpenSUSE called GeekoLinux has MATE as a default option. Everything else is pure OpenSUSE but it has MATE as the default desktop as a choice.


There are two versions - Static which is 15.0 and Rolling which Tumbleweed.

“GeekoLinux” instead of “GeckoLinux”. I like that :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah I see MATE Desktop Environment in Tumbleweed’s patterns on my desktop, I have it installed.

During install, at desktop selection, one has the option to add the distribution repos. After doing so, Mate is available through the Software selection summary